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Introduction to FTBU


Fuzhou Technology and Business University (FTBU) is located in Geling, Yongtai, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China, and Yongtai is one of the first batches of the national full-domain tourism demonstration zones and awarded the title of “China’s Natural Oxygen Bar”, with a very convenient transportation. It is only 20 minutes’ drive from Fuzhou proper, adjacent to Fuzhou University City and Haixi Hi-tech Industrial Park. Founded in 2002, FTBU now has School of Technology, School of Business, School of Art and Design, School of Humanities and Law, School of Marxism, School of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creation, School of Continuing Education, School of International Education, and Department of Public Basic Teaching, with nearly 30 undergraduate majors and 9,000 students. It is an applied undergraduate university with the coordinated development of economy, management, technology, humanities, law, and art.

At the beginning of its establishment, FTBU had a long-term vision and took the undergraduate course as its starting point, whose predecessor was Dongfang College of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (FAFU), and which was applied by FAFU, a double first-class hi-level university in Fujian Province. With the approval of Fujian Provincial People’s Government, FAFU set up an independent college as Dongfang College to implement full-time undergraduate education. In June 2019, with the approval of Ministry of Education, Dongfang College was transformed into an independent ordinary undergraduate university, and officially renamed as Fuzhou Technology and Business University.

There are more than 500 full-time and part-time teachers in FTBU, of which 40% are of associate senior titles or above. There are more than 200 “double qualified” teachers. It has hi-level experts and scholars and provincial undergraduate teaching teams who enjoy the special allowance of the State Council, excellent teachers in China, and famous or excellent teachers in Fujian Province. At present, FTBU is in the first batches of “1 + X” certificate system pilot institutions approved by Ministry of Education and the “Software Development Vocational Education Training Base” of Fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology. It has set up a number of provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers and virtual simulation teaching centers, and has a number of provincial-level first-class disciplines and courses, service industry characteristic disciplines, and application majors. It has obtained more than 20 collaborative education projects of industry-university cooperation of Ministry of Education and provincial-level major educational reform projects. It has won the second prize of many provincial-level higher education achievement awards. Its teachers have undertaken more than 300 provincial-level and above topics and published more than 70 professional textbooks.

FTBU has built a 40,000-square-meter campus tourism comprehensive training base, an over-4,000-square-meter college students’ inside-school practice base— “Qingyun IEC Center”, and a large roadshow hall for nearly 1,000 people; it has set up a provincial-level economic management comprehensive training and teaching demonstration center, a provincial-level finance and accounting training teaching demonstration center, a provincial-level computer experimental teaching demonstration center, and a provincial-level network information security virtual reality center. There are more than 60 professional laboratories and training places in the university, such as a simulation experiment center, an electrical and electronic laboratory, a tea-ceremony training room, etc., all of which can fully meet the needs of all kinds of teaching. FTBU has a modern library of more than 20,000 square meters, with a collection of nearly 1.1 million books of various types, sharing the collection resources of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University Library. Its library is also a branch of Fujian Provincial University Digital Library, and has a two-way video lecture hall for holding international academic conferences. It has a modern indoor comprehensive gymnasium of more than 10,000 square meters and a comprehensive basketball stadium with 3,000 seats, a 50-meter 8-lane standard indoor swimming pool and other sports fields. Its ten thousand gigabit optical fiber covers the campus, gigabit optical fiber enters the building, and 100-trillion optical fiber is connected to all its desktops. Its teaching management is visualized and intelligent. A new smart campus with the characteristics of modernization and informatization has been built. FTBU also has a clean Student V Street uniting shopping, entertaining and catering as one, and other supporting facilities.
The students of FTBU has a wide range of vision and strong creativity. They have won over 300 awards in different competitions such as “Challenge Cup” National College Students’ Extracurricular Academic Competition, “Internet+” Cultural and Creative Competition, “Blue Bridge Cup” National Software Professionals Design and Entrepreneurship Competition, “Research Cup” National English Professional Competition, and China University Art Exhibition, and published more than 100 articles; its overall passing rate of the national judicial examination is greatly higher than the national average overall passing rate. There are more than 200 projects at the provincial level and above. In recent years, the average employment rate of its graduates is over 97%; it has trained more than 30,000 applied talents for all walks of life; industry elites and innovative and entrepreneurial talents have emerged among the graduates.
FTBU takes the initiative to play the social function of serving the regional economy of Fujian Province. It has undertaken the “14th Five-year Plan” project of Fuzhou, and cooperated with the local governments to establish “Rural Revitalization Research Institute”. It will steadily carry out foreign cooperation in running schools and establish friendly and cooperative relations with universities in Australia, Thailand, the United Kingdom and Taiwan. At the same time, it has promoted the deep industry-university integration, strengthened cooperation with well-known enterprises such as Bank of China and China Telecom, and built more than 150 off-campus practice and training bases with well-known enterprises and institutions in the province.
FTBU has planned to use 1,309 mu of land, with a total planned building area of 410,000 square meters. Its campus has been built, covering an area of nearly 800 mu, with a building area of more than 230,000 square meters. It is backed by Fangguangyan—a thousand-year-old ancient temple, and a tributary of the Dazhang River passes through the campus. There are rows of camphor in the campus full of roses, birds and flowers. The overall design of the campus is scientific and reasonable, its functional layout is complete, its architectural style is novel and atmospheric, its traditional Han-and-Tang charm and modern atmosphere are perfectly blended, and the mountain and water around and in the campus are in harmony.
FTBU adheres to its motto “Morality, Truth, Erudition and Innovation”. It is standing at a new historical starting point with a brand-new attitude, giving full play to the advantages of the school-running mechanism, with the school-running concept of “strengthening the foundation, seeking innovation, creating green and pluralism’, forming its fine school spirit of “learning to be good and upward”, constantly pursuing excellence, creating characteristic disciplines, serving regional economy, and constantly improving the core of the university by cultivating applied talents. It will strive to become a hi-level, application-oriented and characteristic university in Southeast China.