Fuzhou Technology and Business University
FTBU’s Students Win Good Results in the 10th National College Digital Art Design Provincial Competition
Time: 2022-08-21 16:07:00   

Recently, the winners of the 10th Future Designer • National College Digital Art Design Provincial Competition 2022 were announced. As a high-level national professional competition, it attracts nearly 1 million college students from nearly 1,500 colleges and universities to participate in the competition every year, and nearly 90% of 985, first-class universities and well-known design colleges to participate in it, which is fierce. After evaluation by more than 600 experts, our university won 3 first, 4 second and 3 third prizes.
▲List of winners
The Future Designer • National College Digital Art Design Competition was sponsored by the Talent Exchange Center of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Organizing Committee of the Future Designer • National College Digital Art Design Competition. The learning platform of “learning power” and the Smart Farmer-friendly Rural Volunteer Service Center serve as special support organs. The competition began in 2012 and had been held once a year for ten consecutive times and selected into the national ranking list of general university discipline competitions and the national general university teacher teaching competition project issued by Ministry of Education. It is one of the important competition projects in the education and teaching reform of colleges and universities and the cultivation of innovative talents, with wide influence. Adhering to the concept of “design serving the people and training future designers”, the competition insists on attaching equal importance to art and technology, and academic and public welfare. It encourages college students to actively participate in innovative design, serve the society with their professional knowledge, expand their international vision, and cultivate their team spirit, in order to let them to become main designers in the future.
Our university has always attached importance to the training of students’ professional and practical abilities, adhered to the principle of “promoting teaching, learning and research through competition”, organized students to participate in professional competitions in an orderly manner, and actively built a professional practice platform for them to display themselves, give play to their expertise and strengthen their promotion, so as to promote the high-quality development of our university. The excellent results of the competition reflected its achievements in accurately grasping the needs of the industry, deepening education and teaching reform, and cultivating high-quality application-oriented talents.