Fuzhou Technology and Business University
FTBU Approved for Fujian Social Science Foundation Project 2022
Time: 2022-09-08 10:51:00   

At the beginning of the new semester, FTBU’s scientific research project has made a good start. According to the results of Fujian Social Science Foundation Project 2022 announced by Social Science Planning Office of Fujian Province, the youth project “Collation and Research of Handicrafts Literature in Fujian Coastal Cities since Modern Times” declared by Wang Xinyu, a teacher of FTBU, was approved.
Guided by problem awareness, the project aims to protect and inherit the urban handicraft culture in Fujian coastal areas and provide a strategic direction for promoting the development of handicraft economy. Such a project aims to encourage the young researcher to actively explore and provide theoretical support for accelerating the construction of New Fujian in the new era. The approval of this project is of great significance to improve the social science research level of young teachers in our university and unswervingly promote its high-quality development.
In recent years, our university has attached great importance to scientific research, built an innovative team, and actively encouraged young teachers to do applied research and make contributions to the local economic and social development.